The town of Fellgate is built up the western flank of Mount Orquond at the northern approach to Bolin's Breach.

Ruler Edit

The town is governed - ruled really - by the mayor, Lucius Skull.

The mayor is traditionally elected by seven electors.

Factions Edit

The Lictors Edit

The Lictors are the body of men tasked by the mayor of the town with keeping the peace and enforcing the law.

The Guilds Edit

The town guilds control various commercial monopolies in the town: one might control the trade in goblin tin ore (the Pewterers), another the sale of casked wine from Ys (the Mercers). The principle three guilds are:

Locations Edit

The Sunless Hall Edit

A cavern beneath the town where goblins and gnomes come to trade.

The Garrison Edit

The mayor of Fellgate permits the presence of a small contingent of Varangian Knights from Miklagard. When they are not patrolling the catacombs beneath the city, the knights reside in the Garrison - a large fortified house built around a central courtyard.