The black-robed Sepulchrists are found throughout the Settled Lands. They are an order of clerics who do not serve a specific deity but dedicate themselves to the burial, repose and commemoration of the dead. They customarily preside over funerals and act as custodians of the cemeteries, catacombs and columbaria found in every village, town and city. Their holy symbol is the kheper - a stylized scarab beetle.

In addition to preserving the physical remains of the dead, the Sepulchrists are great archivists. Their great monastery-mausoleum in Miklagard houses one of the largest collections of ancient manuscripts in the Settled Lands. Some Sepulchrists devote much of their lives to learning a particular language to be able to read and preserve even a single codex, so that the words and works of the dead can continue to be read.

System Edit

In D&D 5e terms, Sepulchrists are clerics with Knowledge domain.